Who you are: Build your Phrendly profile


Let others know what makes you unique by completing your Phrendly profile. It's easy! Just look for the profile icon to get started.

  • Take your photo using our GIF Booth
    Launch our GIF Booth to create your Profile GIF. Having a Profile GIF instead of a static picture is a fun way of introducing yourself by giving new phrends a quick glimpse into what makes you you! If you have too much personality for just one GIF, show it off by taking another GIF. Although you cannot delete a GIF, you can retake them as often as you like!

    And if you don't want to stop there, add photos from Facebook and Instagram. Just give us permission to access your photos and you can add up to 15 Facebook or Instagram photos! Please note: Facebook and Instagram privacy settings will not be carried over to Phrendly. Your imported photos will be visible and public according to your Phrendly profile discoverability.
  • Write your Greeting
    Use a sentence or two to describe yourself as your friends would. Tell us even more by adding your ethnicity, the languages you speak, and your timezone. Then set your relationship speed so that new Phrends who contact you will know where your comfort zone is!
  • Take the Personality Quiz
    Our 10 question personality quiz is easy and only takes a minute!
  • Make sure your profile is public
    Make your profile public so that it can be reviewed. Once it’s approved, you’ll be public and ready for new phrends to find you. Not sure if you want to be public just yet? You can change your mind after your profile has been approved. Learn more in "Hide & Seek Or Show & Tell?: Public Vs Private Profiles."