Hide & Seek or Show & Tell?: Public vs private profiles

You can make your Phrendly profile either public or private. If you’re public, you can be found; if you’re private or pending, you can’t--it’s that simple.

As you build your profile and are waiting for it to be reviewed, your profile will be in a pending status. Once your profile has been reviewed, you can make it public or private:

Public: You can be found by other Phrendly users while they browse for phrends, and they can initiate conversations with you. Having a Public profile is an excellent way to make phrends and earn drinks. To set your profile to Public, just slide the Public/Private switch in Profile-->Discoverability

Private: You can’t be found by other Phrendly users. They won’t see your profile while browsing and no one, not even an existing phrend, will be able to contact you *except* via an on-going text chat.

To change your profile’s status, toggle the Public/Private switch in Profile > Discoverability. Check out “Get found: Discoverability and availability” for more of the finer details on Discoverability.