GIF and Profile Policy

What is allowed in a public GIF?

When creating your GIF, show off your personality and show off what makes you YOU! And please do so while following these rules:

  • Light matters. Make sure we can see you and that you are in focus. If your GIF is too dark or blurry, we will ask you to retake it.
  • Keep it horizontal. When taking your GIF with your phone, take your photo in landscape mode by holding your phone horizontally Don’t change between landscape and profile modes. We can't accept GIFs where the frame is inverted or the image is flipped.
  • First impressions matter. Pay close attention to the first frame of your GIF. This is the image that people will see before anything else, and that's why it's important to have a clear image of your entire face.
  • Don’t be shy! Show us your whole face. GIFs that focus on your face (from your shoulders up) get the most attention. Don’t disguise yourself by wearing sunglasses or take a GIF with only half your face showing. If you do, we may ask you to retake it.
  • Keep your clothes on! There are plenty of other places for you to show off more than your face. We don’t allow nudity in GIFs and we don’t permit men or women to show nipples. For women, if it looks like you just have a bra on or no clothes at all, your GIF won’t be accepted. Grab a nice shirt before firing up the photo booth.
  • Be flirty but keep it classy. We don’t allow overtly sexual poses or images. Each frame should include your face. If a frame is focused on just your body or a specific body part, we will reject it.
  • Let your pictures do all the talking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so leave out any signs or words in your photo, especially URLs or contact information. People want to see you, not read a story or be directed to another site.
  • Keep an eye on your background. Dirty laundry is never attractive.  We also may reject your photo if there is something in the background that isn’t permitted.


What is allowed in your public Profile?

In addition to our policies around GIFs, Phrendly profiles may not include any of the following in your description or 4 words:

  • Contact information of any kind including your phone number, Instagram, SnapChat, or Twitter handle
  • Websites or URLs  
  • Soliciting business for another site or service
  • Profanity
  • Hate speech
  • Content that harasses a specific user or a group of people
  • Offensive content including racial slurs and hate speech
  • Content that infringes on or violates another person’s rights (including intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity)
  • Illegal content or activity such as drug use