Frequently Asked Questions (expand all)

  • > What’s the deal with sips and drinks?

    Everyone’s time is valuable--we all know that. On Phrendly, you show this by “sharing drinks” with people you reach out to. If someone reaches out to you, you receive portions of drinks they share, according to how much time you spend with them. Why? By respecting each other’s time in this way, a whole host of problems melt away. It’s a natural “bozo filter” that drives away people who aren’t serious. This keeps great people (like you!) on the site. The people you reach out to have fewer frivolous interactions, so they are more attentive. People who reach out to you will be more focused and respectful of your time. It’s win-win.

  • > You mean I get paid to flirt? Ick! Sounds like I’m selling myself.

    We believe strongly that everyone’s time is valuable, that includes you! We also think payment exchange is a Good Thing (see above). If you feel uncomfortable getting paid to chat with phrends, consider donating all or a portion of your earnings to one of our nine worthy charities. Check them out at Settings-->Payout Info.

  • > You mean I get paid to flirt? Awesome!

    Yup! You share that opinion with oodles of others who, prior to Phrendly, would spend all sorts of time flirting on their phones for free. What were you all thinking? ;)

  • > What’s the difference between drinks and sips?

    Sips are just smaller parts of drinks, like cents are parts of dollars. There are 20 sips in a drink.

  • >So how does pay actually work?

    Once you’ve earned enough, go to Settings-->Payout Info and enter your payee info, including your US work eligibility. Next, scroll to Request Payout and select how you want to be paid. You’ll go through a quick verification process and--if you select direct deposit--will enter your banking info. If you like, you can choose to donate a certain percentage of your earnings to one of our nine charity options.

    That’s about all there is to it. Once your account is successfully reviewed, you should see direct deposits within ten business days or monthly checks about two weeks into the following month.

  • >You mean I have to pay to flirt with someone?

    You pay when you ask someone out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, don’t you? Same deal here, and just like IRL, your date receives the benefit of your generosity: his or her account balance goes up. This keeps people motivated and focused and reduces time wasters. We give you 10 free sips if you take a profile photo and verify your phone number, so give it a whirl!

  • >How much is a drink?

    Ten bucks.

  • >Why isn’t this free?

    Turns out no site is really free. “Free” sites are cluttered with advertising because they are selling YOU to someone else: an advertiser, a list broker and other unseen folks. We won’t ever do that. Plus, free sites attract time wasters. See our answer to “What’s the deal with sips and drinks?”

    Having said all of that, we do give you free sips to try the site out to see if it’s for you. We think you’ll love it and become a loyal member of the community. If not, no hard feelings!

  • >How can I earn free sips?

    We make it easy to “try before you buy”. Each of the below will earn you free sips:

    ● Verify your phone number and you'll get 10 sips*
    ● Buy your first drink and get 20 sips free! (20 sips = 1 drink)*
    ● Use our Tell-a-Friend feature and if your phrend becomes a customer, you’ll earn 20 sips

    *Free sips for phone verification and first drink purchase are for new, first-time users only.

  • >How does relationship speed affect my matches?

    Ever been hit on too hard or quickly? Ever wished someone was as up for it as you are? Relationship speed matters, and that’s why we let you set it on Phrendly. We do our best to show you matches that share your speed. At the beginning of every new chat, we remind you of your phrend’s speed while we remind them of yours, so no one gets freaked out. If you set your speed to “dive right in!” we give you some further ways to express your desires and expectations. We keep these private, but will use this extra info to surface compatible matches.

  • >I created my profile, how come I can’t see it on the site?

    Once you complete all the info required to go public, your profile will be pending until we have a chance to review it. That shouldn’t take more than a day or two. You’ll be notified when it’s public and viewable by everyone. Note that if you want to see it alongside other profiles, you’ll have to log out and view the site as a person with the appropriate gender/seeking gender.

  • >Why is my Phrends list empty?

    If your Phrends list is empty, it means you haven’t sent or received any messages. Head to the home page, find some phrends that interest you, and send them a message. If you're here to make money, star Phrends to express interest and wait for them to message you. Don’t be shy!

  • >Why is my Phrends list so full?

    Everyone you send a message to will show up in your Phrends list so you can easily re-contact them. Newest conversations always appear near the top. If you'd like to reduce some clutter, click on the gear icon and select "Hide Chat" from the menu. A handy search feature is on the way, we’ll let you know here when it launches.

  • >Are there any tips or tricks for chat?

    Our chat supports emojis and picture attachments. You can drag pictures from you computer and drop them on the chat box to send. We also have a few special “/” commands to keep things fun. Try /8ball or /ud [word], where [word] is a term you want to look up in the Urban Dictionary.

  • >In chats, what do the bubble icons mean?

    Bubbles indicate the first response to the initiator’s last message. It’s a confirmation that the two of you are actively engaging--hooray! The initiator of the chat spends a sip each time the bubble appears. The recipient receives a sip for three out of every four bubbles. Phrendly receives the fourth sip (tip your bartender, right?), and that’s how we keep the lights on.

  • >If we call each other, will my phrend ever see my phone number?

    Nope, never. Our system makes a call to you and then your phrend and then we connect you together. This way, the only thing that could ever be seen via caller ID is our phone number. Yours will always be kept private.

  • >Can I turn my camera off during a video call?

    Technically, yes, but just make sure to set the expectations of your phrend beforehand. One person on camera while the other is not can be awkward, so agree via chat beforehand if this is going to be the case. If the person on the receiving end turns his or her camera off, the call is charged at the audio rate (lower than the video rate) while the camera is off.

  • >How can I block someone?

    We're proud of the caliber of people who make up the Phrendly community. However, there are always going to be those few who rub you the wrong way. In these rare cases, the block feature is for you. On the chat page of the person you want to block, click the gear icon and select "Block" from the menu. Pests be gone! If someone is really making Phrendly unpleasant for you, drop us a line with the details at

  • >Hey! I’m bisexual, what about me?

    We’re down with people rocking their world any which way they want. Unfortunately, we’re also trying to build something new and awesome with very limited resources. We’ll make Phrendly all-encompassing once we can and user demand warrants it. Until then, we only allow one account per user.