This round’s on us: Earning free drinks

On Phrendly, the person who starts a chat (or video or phone call) shows respect for the other person's time by sharing a portion of a drink. Drinks have an actual monetary value to ensure the "time compensation" is real. But don't worry, we make it easy to "try before you buy" by giving you free sips!

Each of the below will earn you free sips:

  • Verify your phone number for 10 sips*
  • Buy your first drink to get 20 sips*
  • Use our Tell-a-Friend feature and if your phrend becomes a customer, you’ll earn 20 sips

So that's 50 free sips, plus another way to earn an unlimited number of drinks. What are you waiting for? Claim your free drinks and start chatting with the most interesting group of people ever assembled in one glorious flirt-loving cornucopia of a community!


*Free sips for phone number verification and first drink purchase are for new, first-time users only. In order for us to validate your credit card, we will process a $1.00 authorization. This is not a charge, but you may see a pending transaction on the card. This pending transaction will simply disappear in 2-3 business days (the exact time is determined by the credit card issuer).