Code of Conduct


Treat other people how you would like to be treated.
Be Nice. Seems simple enough, right?

Don’t ask for or provide personal contact information.
For everyone’s privacy and protection, we don’t allow the exchange of personal contact information. This includes Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter along with email addresses and phone numbers. Asking someone for this information could put their account in jeopardy, and if you provide it you could lose your account. Why risk it? Don’t do it.

Slow down and check out their relationship speed.
Some people like to ease their way into a relationship. Others are ready to dive right in from the first conversation. And most are somewhere in between. Be respectful of your phrends, especially those who may want to take it slow at first. Reserve sending that pic out to those who really want to see it.

Be truthful...don’t lead people on or lie in order to keep a conversation going.
Asking for gifts or continuing a conversation under false pretenses is not permitted under any circumstance. Don’t tell someone you will do something just to keep the conversation going. If you have no intention of doing it, don’t say you will.

Make friends and make real connections.
Just because you won’t be meeting IRL doesn’t mean you can’t create a substantive, lasting connection with someone. Get to know your phrends and let them get to know you. Be honest and authentic. Let the real you shine through.

Sometimes it’s OK to not share.
In fact, we ask that you do not share your account or your conversations. Phrendly is for people to connect one-on-one. Don’t allow someone else to use your account, pose in your GIFs, or respond to your phrends. And don't share the details of your Phrendly conversations or the photos you've received in them with others. Keep this one all to yourself.