Reach out and touch love: Finding and contacting phrends

App-Icon-Browse.jpgFinding the right phrend is the first step to building your relationship. As you’re browsing for phrends, take advantage of our advanced filters, sort options, and the Suggest button!

Remember: The person who sends the first chat message is the person who will pay for all chats going forward. But whoever initiates a phone or video call will be the one who pays for that individual call regardless of who pays for chats.

You can limit results to a specific age group and contact method. And you can filter your results by relationship speed, ethnicity, language, media, and drink rate.


Sort your results by Newest First, Birds of a Feather, Opposites Attract, or Phrendly Formula, which emphasize newest profiles, similar profiles, dissimilar profiles, and a secret-sauce mix, respectively. Other than Newest First, all other browse results are weighted by responsiveness, so be sure to respond to each phrend quickly and engage them in meaningful conversations.


Let's face it: It's hard to start a conversation with an attractive stranger. Wouldn't it be great if you had someone whispering something clever for you to say?

On Phrendly, you have just that! As you browse for new phrends, click a profile picture. Up pops a details page where you can learn more about the person and send them a quick message. You'll see the "Suggest" button there.

Click the Suggest button. It'll instantly analyze your profile and your phrend's and come up with a good icebreaker. From there, you're free to edit the suggestion and send it along to your phrend. Don't like the current suggestion? Just click the button again to get a new one.

Don't forget to set text notifications to ON so you know when you get a response and so that you can respond quickly (remember, browse results are weighted by responsiveness except for Newest First).