Promoted Profiles FAQ

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How much will this cost me?
That's up to you! Use the Leaderboard table to help you determine how much to bid for the rank you want. Enter your Maximum Bid, which is the highest amount you're willing to pay for each Qualified Click on your profile.

Why are you doing this?
We're introducing Promoted Profiles so you can bid for a better profile position in Browse. A higher spot can increase your opportunities to reach potential phrends and grow your income!

What happens with the money?
The revenue generated from your bids will help us advertise Phrendly and attract more valuable, paying customers for you. It's a win-win!

How do I know if it’s worth it?
We provide easy-to-use tools to help you manage your Promoted Profiles campaign! For example, you'll see the clicks you've received, how much you've spent to promote your profile, how much you've earned from your campaign, and your Return on Investment (revenue minus cost)—all at a glance.

What is the benefit of being on the front page?
A higher rank in Browse means more eyes on your profile and higher earnings potential! In fact, the top 20 users make up to 500% more on Phrendly.

What happens if I don’t bid?
Bidding to promote your profile is totally optional. If you choose not to bid, your profile will still show up in Browse. Your rank, however, will be determined by your Profile Score only, which we calculate using a number of factors. These include: how many people click on your profile, how quickly you respond to new chats, how much you earn in relation to your profile views, and how many phrends who look at your profile end up spending money with you. Profile Score is not static and changes regularly based on these factors.

What happens if there isn’t any money in my account?
If you have an active Promoted Profiles campaign and you don’t have enough funds to cover the next Qualified Click, we’ll pause your campaign. Once you add funds, you can restart your campaign immediately. If you don’t do anything after adding money, we’ll reactivate your campaign automatically the next day, which begins at midnight UTC.

Can I pay for bids with the money I earn talking to phrends?
Yes! Any money or drinks in your Phrendly balance can be used towards promoting your profile.

What happens if I pay to promote my profile but never make any money?
It's always a good idea to use the insights provided in the Overview tab to monitor your campaign performance and adjust the settings if needed. When deciding on your desired Browse position, pick a spot that will generate the greatest return for you. You don't want to spend more money promoting your profile than you earn!

What kind of clicks will I pay for?
We'll show you all clicks on your profile in the Overview tab, but you'll only pay for Qualified Clicks, which is when:

A phrend who has a valid credit/debit card on file clicks or taps on your profile in the Phrendly Formula sort.
A phrend who has a valid credit/debit card on file stars your profile and then views it within 24 hours.

Is there a way to opt out of this program?
Absolutely. You have full control of your campaign! That means you can pause and launch it whenever you want.

I didn’t see a return on the money I spent. What can I do?
If you don't see a return on your investment, you may want to consider lowering your Maximum Bid so that you're not spending as much to promote your profile. You may find that your profile performs better relative to your campaign spend this way.