Chat-tastic: Mastering chat

App-Icon-Phrends.jpgWe're kinda different...

Phrendly's chat is specialized to support a community that values each other's time. You've probably already noticed the "bubbles" indicator. That pops up when you earn or give a sip. The bubbles always appear on the side of the earner, and the earner is always the person who received the very first message--they were the person who was "asked out for a drink", after all.

Remember: The person who sends the first chat message is the person who will pay for all chats going forward. But whoever initiates a phone or video call will be the one who pays for that individual call regardless of who pays for chats.

But what causes a sip to be transferred?

It boils down to this simple rule: The initiator shares a sip for the first response received within 24 hours of their last message sent. This simple rule makes everything super fair. The initiator isn't charged if they never get a response, and the recipient can't "peck to death" his or her phrend by sending multiple messages one after the other. That won't happen because only the first response warrants a sip. This is waaay better than per message or per minute approaches. Trust us, we tried everything.

What else can chat do for me?

You've got a way with words, and that's why you're a chat champ. But, if you're looking for something more, we've got you covered. Phrendly's chat has a few tricks up its sleeve:

  • Link previews. If you paste a link into chat, we'll send our electronic minions scurrying to bring back to you and your phrend a graphical preview for the link. We don't support all sites, but this little trick will make many links you paste a lot more interesting. For example, Youtube videos are playable directly within the chat (web only). No preview for your favorite site? _Let us know_
  • Emoticons. The full range of human emotions individually expressed in a 16x16 pixel square!
  • Photo attachments. Click the little camera icon. On a desktop, you can also drag and drop your pics. We support all the popular formats including .jpg, .gif and .png. Nothing uber huge, please!
  • Delete messages. On the desktop or mobile website, just click/tap the message you want to delete and then hit the trash can icon to remove it.