An open heart: Donating earnings to charity

[Coming soon!]

Phrendly is a great way for you to earn a little spending money or to take the edge off the rent check. Still, we know some people haven't cozied up to the idea of earning money for flirting, while others wish their efforts could help people in need. For these reasons, we offer the option to "Flirt for a Cause". This is a charitable giving option that you'll find in Settings > Payout Info.

It's simple to set up. Enter what percent of your earnings you want to donate and then choose one of our nine hand-selected charities. Our charity choices span a wide range of causes likely to be of interest to the Phrendly community and are all Top-Rated on, an independent organization that performs stringent, research-based evaluations of the efficiency, accountability and governance of nonprofit organizations.

Your contribution will be sent directly, dollar-for-dollar to the chosen charity by Phrendly, and we will proudly notify the community when contributions occur. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer you an individual receipt to support a charitable donation deduction on your tax return at this time.