Staying safe: Security & privacy best practices

We're proud of the caliber of people who make up the Phrendly community. But just like all communities, there may be some bad apples and you need to take steps to protect yourself.

When you interact on Phrendly, your personal information is protected and private. If you interact outside of Phrendly, your information is no longer private and a nefarious person could use your information to do you harm. Keep your personal information private while you are interacting on Phrendly. This includes your full name, address, email address, and phone number. We strongly suggest that you do not exchange personal contact information with phrends. If someone quickly tries to speak with you outside of Phrendly, be wary and let us know.

Keep your Phrendly password private and don’t share it with anyone. Phrendly will never ask you for your password, unless you are signing in to your account. The US Federal Trade Commission has created guidelines to avoid online dating scams, we suggest you take a quick look at them.

Be smart when interacting with strangers online. If something doesn’t feel right, block the phrend and let us know right away by dropping us a note at