Maximize: Provider Tips

If you're someone who provides companionship (rather than seeks it), and you’ve made your profile public, are accepting new phrends, and have alerts being sent to your phone, how can you make the most out of Phrendly? Below are some tips to help you out and give you a little boost.


Make your profile shine!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Take time when crafting your profile and taking your GIF. Make sure it reflects the unique you and gives people an idea of who you are!

  • Love comic books? Have a fascination with jazz? Give phrends a glimpse of your passions with your four words and description.
  • Lighting matters. When taking your GIF, make sure we can see you and that you are in focus. If your GIF is too dark or blurry, we will ask you to retake it.
  • Don’t be shy! Show us your whole face. GIFs that focus on your face (from your shoulders up) get the most attention. Don’t disguise yourself by wearing sunglasses or masks, and don’t take a GIF with only half your face showing. If you do, we'll ask you to retake it.
  • Be flirty but keep it classy. We don’t allow overtly sexual poses or revealing images. Each frame should include your face. If a frame is focused on just your body or a specific body part, we will reject it.
  • Keep an eye on your background. Dirty laundry is never attractive. Take a second to look at what is behind you and make sure it isn’t something you wouldn’t want others to see.

Need more tips? Check out our GIF and Profile Policy and GIF Guide for more!


Keep the conversation going

Sometimes conversations come to a natural end. Sometimes we run out of things to say. Follow these tips to keep the conversation interesting and ongoing. Remember: as long as you do not send the first message, you will earn money for responding to chats -- 1 sip (less commission) for every volley. A volley is your first response within 24 hours of your phrend's last message.

  • Always end a chat with a question. Give your phrend something to answer so they know you still want to talk. Even a simple ‘how was your day?’ goes a long way.
  • Make sure you have alerts turned on so when someone reaches out you can keep the conversation going right away. The faster you respond, the higher up you’ll go in the browse order and the more likely people are to keep talking to you.
  • Haven’t spoken to a phrend in a while? Don’t know what to say to your Long-lost Phrends? Let them know you are still thinking of them by sending a funny picture or meme -- everyone loves a laugh.
  • Hearing someone’s voice is a great way to strengthen a relationship. But who answers a call they aren’t expecting these days? Set up a time with your phrend to talk, and make sure you're ready when your phone rings!
  • Or even better, start a video call so you can see your phrend and get a different perspective on their life. Show them your favorite outfit or place to relax. Just because you are not in the same place, doesn’t mean you can’t share your lives.
  • Phrendly doesn’t allow the exchange of personal contact information. So what should you do when someone asks for your phone number? Explain to them that we don’t allow you to give out your phone number. Explain that you could lose your account by doing so, and you love Phrendly so you want to keep it!


Attract more phrends

Looking for some new phrends? We’ve got some ideas on where to find them.

  • Did someone catch your eye? Give them a star so they know you are interested! If they feel the same, they just may reach out and you can swoon them from there!
  • Our Featured Phrends program is a great way to get noticed. Featured Phrends are part of the Phrendly “welcome wagon,” serve as Phrendly ambassadors, and can even be featured on our social media pages and in our ads. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, drop us a note at and we’ll send you more details. Based on campaign performance to date, some Featured Phrends enjoy 100+ profile visits and up to $770 earned per week from Phrendly ads! Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • Know people who might love Phrendly? Our Tell-A-Friend program allows you to get paid for spreading the word about Phrendly. Sure, your friends might not want to talk to you on Phrendly, but they may find someone else to chat with. And someone else may have a friend that becomes your phrend! Spread the love -- what goes around comes around!
  • Take a another profile GIF and allow people to vote on which of your GIFs they like best! Once approved, your GIFs will be included in the next weekly voting round. This is a great way to get extra exposure to new phrends.
  • Use your Social Media following to attract more phrends.


Social Media? Great idea. How can I make it work for me?

Using social media to promote Phrendly is a great way to make new phrends! And we certainly appreciate the help of our loyal users (like you!) in getting the word out about Phrendly.

When you tag #phrendly or mention us on social media (such as Phrendly App on Facebook, @letsgetphrendly on Twitter, Phrendly on Instagram, etc.), we suggest that you follow these guidelines for the best results:

  • Use your Tell-A-Friend link! Make it clear that people join Phrendly using that link and that they will get more free credits than just joining on their own. Remember: Display names are not unique, so they need your link to find you!
  • When you tag Phrendly, only tag Phrendly! When you tag other sites, potential referrals get confused and are less likely to follow up. #phrendly
  • Phrendly is for fun and flirty conversation. Avoid confusion by steering clear of suggestive language or images in the posts that mention Phrendly; use the GIF and Profile Policy as a reference.
  • And after you’ve reviewed the GIF and Profile Policy, use a photo for your messages! Photos grab people’s attention, so go ahead and give them a taste of who they can talk to.
  • Follow our brand guidelines (listed below) to give your potential users a seamless experience. You want to be sure that once they click your link, they know they are where they should be.
  • Phrendly is about having fun and flirty conversations online with people that you won’t have the chance to meet in real life. Don’t promote content that we don’t allow or offer.
  • Use social media to let your current phrends know you are around and ready to chat! Feeling like a phone or video call? Let them know!


Brand guidelines for speakers

Less is more when it comes to the use of Phrendly’s brand identity. We need to ensure the Phrendly brand and our product messaging is consistent so that new users understand what they’re signing up for and have a good initial experience.

  • When describing the app, please note that Phrendly is a social entertainment app for chatting 1-on-1 via text and phone and video calls.
  • Don’t use the Phrendly logo anywhere online, including social media or blog posts.
  • Don’t take screenshots of your Phrendly app and post them online.


What to do when things go bad

While we hope all your interactions on Phrendly are good ones, sometimes things can go wrong. We have a Code of Conduct that we hope everyone will take a moment to read and follow. But when someone doesn’t, what should you do?

  • Have a bad experience with another user? First, cease all interaction with the other user. Block them so they can no longer contact you and then drop us a note with the details. If you feel like you or the other person may be in danger, be sure to also contact your local authorities immediately. We don’t tolerate harassment, and we want to keep Phrendly a fun place to hang out. Letting us know when bad seeds cross your path will help us maintain a great community of amazing people.
  • Everyone needs to follow the rules. See something on someone else’s profile that shouldn't be there? Heard a user is engaging in activity we don’t allow. Don’t worry, we got it. Just drop us a note so that we can take care of it. Every message you send to us will be kept in strict confidence.
  • Plans change. Did you promise something to a Phrend and now you can’t follow through? Maybe you promised a picture of you with your new car but you decided not to buy it. Or perhaps you agreed to a phone call but something came up and you missed it. Things happen. If you promised something in exchange for a gift, you do need to follow through. If you can’t, let us know so we can make things right with your phrend.