Make the most out of Phrendly

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of Phrendly.

Get ready to receive messages

  • Ensure you’re accepting new phrends.
  • Ensure SMS forwarding is on.
  • When not on, messages will be forwarded to you via SMS. They’ll come from a 512 area code along with an introduction from Phrendbot so you know it’s from us. 
  • If you miss messages, we’ll send an email reminder so make sure you’re receiving our emails and they’re not in your spam folder.
  • Remember, whoever initiates the relationship (whether via chat, phone, or video) pays for chats forever. So if you’re out to make some money, wait for someone to reach out to you first. You make $0.35/volley during chats.
    • Express your interest in starting a relationship and encourage someone to reach out to you first by starring them. Starring does not count as initiating a relationship so this is a great way to get others to make contact first! When you star someone, we'll let them know you're interested in their profile and we'll suggest that they send you message.


Reply to messages promptly

  • You can respond to Phrendly SMS messages directly from your phone’s built-in texting app. We forward your message so your number is never revealed (it too will appear to come from a 512 area code).  
  • Replies within 24 hours will earn you money.
  • The quicker and more frequently you respond, the higher up you’ll go in the browse order.


Connect with your phrends

  • Complete the personality quiz to get better matches.
  • See someone you like? Express your interest and encourage someone to reach out to you first by starring them.
  • Asking questions of your phrend is a great way to keep responses coming.
    • Add a note to keep tabs on important details about your favorite phrends.
    • To keep the conversation going, use the "suggest" feature if you run out of things to say.
  • Once you establish an earning relationship with a phrend, they’ll be given a Send Gift button just for you. Keep things going well, and your phrend may start showing generosity in the form of virtual gifts that put real money into your account.
  • Take another profile GIF and agree to have the community vote for which they prefer.
    • This will give you additional exposure within the site and your pictures may be included in a weekly mailing to all phrends seeking your type.
  • Add additional photos. It’s super easy to import up to 15 pics from Facebook or Instagram.
    • Additional photos really help to encourage new phrends to reach out and cement bonds with existing phrends.
  • Encourage phrends to call you.
    • They can use that same 512 number that delivers your texts to them, or [coming soon] they can click the phone icon that shows up near your picture. Remember, in all cases your real phone number is never revealed. Calls are a great way to earn quickly. Default pricing equates to $35.40 per hour.
  • Encourage phrends to video chat with you.
    • Ensure you’re both on the website and have your phrend click your video camera icon. Default video pricing equates to $43.80 per hour. Our iOS app launches soon, which will allow mobile video sessions.
  • If a phrend asks you to start connecting off Phrendly, let them know you are not comfortable talking off the site or explain that you feel it’s easier to talk on Phrendly. Unfortunately, some people won’t be OK with this. We strongly suggest that you do not exchange your personal contact information with phrends.


Get the word out

  • Share your personality quiz via Facebook and/or Twitter. It’s a fun way for them to learn about you, themselves, and Phrendly.
  • When you take another profile GIF, you have the option to have your Twitter followers or Facebook friends vote on their preferred GIF; another fun way to make new Phrends.
  • Use Tell-a-Friend to give $10 to new phrends while earning $10 for each who becomes a customer. Find your personal link to share in the right column of every settings page (the gear icon). There’s a Facebook share button there, too, which will also credit you for new joins.


Give us your feedback

  • We’re here to make sure you have a safe, fun, rewarding experience. Let us know how we might better ensure that happens. Ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism are all highly welcome! Just drop us a note at