Why didn't I get free drinks?

Once you complete each of the following, your account will be credited with:

  • 10 free sips for verifying your phone number.*
  • 20 free sips for buying your first drink.*
  • 20 free sips for successfully referring a new phrend using our Tell-a-Friend feature. Phrends must be brand new to Phrendly.

Please allow a day or two for your free drink to be credited to your account.

*Free sips for phone number verification and first drink purchase are for new, first-time users only. In order for us to validate your credit card, we will process a $1.00 authorization. This is not a charge, but you may see a pending transaction on the card. This pending transaction will simply disappear in 2-3 business days (the exact time is determined by the credit card issuer).